Academic Advising Collaborative

Like all good Pirates™, we are searching for treasure. That treasure may be found on campus, in the community, or within yourself. Successful Pirates need certain tools for navigation – a compass and a map are key! You will be assigned an Academic Advisor who serves as your compass. Your advisor is assigned based on your intended major and he/she will guide you appropriately. Your advisor will help you create your map, your degree plan, which you will follow to find the treasure of your degree. As the winds change, we may need to adjust our sails and also our maps. If your career plans require additional education, like dentistry, medicine, and law, we have additional advisors to help you plan for that journey.

The mission of the East Carolina University Academic Advising Collaborative is to guide, serve and support students by partnering with academic departments and support services, to promote diverse educational experiences, and to foster professional success and responsible citizenship.

The Academic Advising Collaborative is comprised of professional and faculty advisors from all 9 colleges.


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Advising 101 Orientation Presentation