Common Registration Errors

If the registration system will not allow you to register for a class, read the ERROR MESSAGE displayed on the screen.

NOTE: when ERROR “…” appears, the registration system is identifying the specific error message for you. Common restrictions/errors are listed below. Follow the corresponding instructions to resolve your specific issue.

Advisors do not have permission to “special add” you to classes if you do not meet the requirements.

Error DisplayedWhat It MeansWhat To Do
Campus RestrictionClass is restricted to students with a program of study with that campus code. The most common use is to restrict an online class to students in online programs.Select a different section, if available. Campus restrictions on an online class may be lifted at a later date.
Class RestrictionStudent's classification (FR, SO, JR, SR) does not match the required classification for the course.Students may register for courses one level higher than their student classification. Ex, freshman can take 1000 & 2000 level classes. If you need to take a course above your approved level, contact the department offering the course to see if you can receive permission to register.
Consent of InstructorRequires approval from the department offering the course.Contact the department offering the course.
Corequisite “course name” requiredRequires a co-requisite

This error is common if you try to register for a science lecture without the lab.
Add both classes at the same time. Enter both CRNs on the course worksheet and hit register.
Major RestrictionStudent is not listed as the required major for enrollment in this course.Some departments restrict enrollment in some courses to students in certain majors. If you need to take the course, contact the department offering it for permission to register.
Maximum Hours ExceededAdding the course will put the student over the maximum number of approved hours.The maximum course load for undergraduate students in fall and spring is 18 semester hours. The maximum for 1st and 2nd summer is 7 semester hours. If you have a 3.0 gpa, or are a graduating senior, your advisor may request permission for you to take more than 18 hours.
Prerequisite and Test Score ErrorStudent is missing the test score for placement, or a prerequisite course. Ex, credit for Engl 1100 must be received before registering for Engl 2201.If you feel this is an error, check your academic transcript. If you have completed the prerequisite, contact your advisor.
Program RestrictionStudent is not declared in major required for enrollment of the course.Enrollment in some courses is restricted to those students officially declared in their major (typically 3000-level courses or higher).
*Repeat Count Exceeds 0Student is either currently enrolled in,
or has credit for, the class he/she is attempted to add.
Students can only received credit for a class once.

If you need to retake a class in order to grade replace it, you must wait until the initial grade posts to your transcript before registering for it in a future semester.
Student AttributeReserved for students in a particular cohort. Ex, Honors College or Distance Education.Select a course with a different section number. Some courses with section numbers in the 600s are reserved for Distance Education students. Most courses will be open to all students if not filled by a certain date. Contact your advisor for the date.
Time ConflictTime of the course conflicts with another course already on the student's schedule.Select another section of the course, or drop the course causing the time conflict. If you do not see a time conflict, contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office (
Wait ListCourse is full, but the department is using the waitlist in Banner.Use the drop-down box to select “add to waitlist” and hit “register.”
Wait List ClosedThe wait list is being used for the class, but is currently full. Select another class.

Waitlists have a capacity. Sometimes a waitlist will look like it is open when it really isn't. If a student tries to add himself/herself to a wait list and gets the “wait list closed” error, that means the available seat is pending acceptance by someone already on the waitlist.