Academic Tools

ARM (Academic Recovery Module)

The Academic Recovery Module (ARM) is a required module designed for students whose GPA falls below a cumulative 2.0. It informs students of academic regulations, strategies for improvement, and related policies. If a student’s GPA is below the cumulative 2.0 at the end of the semester an ARM hold will be placed on his/her record. The student must complete the module and correlating quiz to have the ARM hold removed. The student will not be able to adjust his/her schedule or register for additional classes until the ARM hold is removed.


Starfish is an early alert system used by ECU for faculty to provide students feedback on their course performance. Starfish enables instructors to provide praise or raise concerns regarding their students’ academic performance. Referred to as “kudos” and “flags,” these notifications are sent to the students’ ECU e-mail account. Notifications can be submitted at any time, but instructors are asked to complete progress surveys for each class three times during the semester. Academic Advisors receive a copy of these notifications and will provide outreach to students as needed. For more information, visit the ECU Starfish website.