Term Withdrawals (not medically-related)

Students can complete an official withdrawal form in the Registrar’s Office (Room 201) or e-mail CAS@ecu.edu from their ECU e-mail account with the following information:

Contact Information (phone, address, etc)
Banner ID
Date of Birth
Statement – Please withdraw me from the SS2 2010 semester
Notes or other information (last day of attendance, never attended)
Reasons for withdrawal (if student wishes to share)


  • If student withdraws prior to the last day to drop, there is no grade recorded.
  • If student withdraws after the last day to drop – their professors will be contacted regarding current academic standing in course (passing or failing). Depending on feedback from the professor, the student will either receive a W or an F on their transcripts. If the student receives an F from a withdrawal, it factors into their GPA like any other grade.

Medical and Psychological Withdrawals

Information for medical and psychological withdrawals can be found on the Student Affairs website. For more information, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office.

Retroactive Withdrawals (after a semester has ended)

Student should complete the Petition to the Student Academic Appellate Committee (found online – Registrar’s website) and type a letter to the committee explaining the rationale for their appeal. Documentation to support appeal should be included (medical records, police report, etc).