Advisor & Student Roles

Role of an Academic Advisor

You may expect your Academic Advisor to:

  • Discuss major requirements and assist in the selection of appropriate coursework
  • Provide accurate and timely information
  • Discuss academic goals and ways to meet them
  • Make referrals when necessary (academic, career, personal)
  • Be knowledgeable of campus policies and procedures (or be able to find the necessary information)
  • Discuss the academic advising processing including the roles of the advisor and advisee
  • Be able to listen, understand, and respond appropriately to advisees’ concerns
  • Respect advisees as individuals, understanding differences in backgrounds and educational/life goals

Role of an Advisee

Your Academic Advisor expects you to:

  • Know who your advisor is and how to contact him/her
  • Schedule advising appointments (whether individual or group, as designated by the advisor)
  • Come prepared to all advising sessions (with course lists and questions)
  • Contact advisor if you are unable to attend your scheduled advising session
  • Reschedule any missed advising meetings on your part
  • Follow through with any recommendations or actions discussed in an advising session
  • Communicate any problems, concerns, or questions that may arise to your advisor immediately
  • Be familiar with the online University Catalog, the ECU website, and the website for your College
  • Check and read your student e-mail thoroughly on a daily basis