Major Advisement Program (MAP)

Not sure about your major? You aren’t alone!

The Major Advisement Program (MAP) is designed to help ECU freshman who are undecided about their college major. An estimated 80% of college students have not chosen a major or are unsure of their current major. ECU advisors created MAP to assist students in making this important decision through individualized self-assessments, as well as career and major exploration. Additionally, you will receive an increased awareness of available campus resources and a stronger link to the campus community. Participation in MAP will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and assistance needed to successfully choose the best major for you!

COAD 1000 (Counselor & Adult Education 1000)

Students frequently enter college without a clear major choice. Understanding this fact, ECU offers the MAP program for students who are eager to embark on their major exploration journey. An important part of that journey is COAD 1000. The course, entitled “Student Development in Higher Education”, allows students to be taught by their own academic advisor and have individualized guidance in their search for a major.

As a MAP student, you’ll navigate the different majors offered at ECU, complete assessments to help you discover more about yourself, including your strengths and interests, and be provided resources to further research those majors which most interest you. The major selection process is exactly that: a process.

In addition to major exploration, MAP students will be exposed to great strategies to help with the transition from high school to college…or as the MAP advisors like to call it, “learning to play the college game!” If you are unsure of your major, just pull out the MAP!