Course Flyers

2024 Summer & Fall Course Flyers

Summer 2024

ENGL 1000-601: Intro to Literature. (GE: HU). Asynchronous online.

ENGL 1500-601:  Popular Culture in Japan (GE: HU). Asynchronous online.

ENGL 3260-601:  Intro to African American Literature (GE: HU & CD; WI). Asynchronous online.

HMGT 4906-601 or 602: Wedding Planning. Asynchronous online.

KINE 4250-601: Revenue and Promotion Generation in the Sport and Fitness Enterprise (WI)

RCTX 4100-601: Leisure, Aging, and Health (2nd summer)

SOCI 3213-601: Methods of Research. Asynchronous online.

Fall 2024

BITE 5388: AI Innovations in Education, the Workforce, and Society

ENGL 1500-001: Taylor’s Version

ENGL 2230: Southern Literature

ENGL 2260: Topics in Contemporary African American Cultural Texts: Afrofuturism and Afrosurrealism in Literature and Film

ENGL 2480: Science Fiction

ENGL 3050: Introduction to Information Design

ENGL 3260: History of African American Literature (WI)

ENGL 3600: Transformative Texts and Ideas of the Middles Ages and Renaissance

ENGL 3660 Literature and Film of Environmental Crisis (WI)

ENGL 3950: Literature for Children

Film Studies Courses

HLTH 3025-001: LGBT Population Health & Disparities (GE: GD)

HMGT 4906-001: Special Topics – Global Cuisine for the Home Cook

LING 2740: Language in the USA

LING 3730: The Structure of Phonology and Morphology

LING 3750: Introductory Linguistics

SOCI 3227-601: Medical Sociology. Asynchronous online.

SOCI 5318-601: Social Aspects of Death & Dying. Asynchronous online.

TEXT 2400: Transformative Texts and Ideas of the Middles Ages and Renaissance